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PIP Breast Implants

At Brophy Solicitors we have established a dedicated team who are committed to providing expert advice and assistance to women affected by the PIP breast implant scandal.   On the 30th March 2010 the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) initiated a recall of all silicone breast implants manufactured by the defunct […]

Symphysiotomy – Personal Injuries Litigation

What is it? It is a surgical procedure in which the cartilage of the pubic symphysis is divided to widen the pelvis during the course of childbirth so as to allow for easier delivery of the baby. Why is it in the news recently? It is estimated that at least 1500 […]

Assisted Suicide: Has the ball now been passed into the legislature’s court by the Marie Fleming Case?

  Image from ‘Marie Fleming loses right to die appeal’ Yesterday, a Supreme Court challenge to the ban on assisted suicide in Ireland was dismissed. The appeal was brought by Marie Fleming, a 59-year-old MS sufferer who is terminally ill. Ms Fleming is in the final stages of MS, […]

ECJ find in favour of Waterford Crystal Workers

The European Court of Justice has found in favour of former Waterford Crystal workers in a landmark case taken over losses in their pensions. Background to case The ten workers took the case against the State to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for its failure to establish a […]


It’s a sobering thought to think that in a few years time, the number of drink driving offences should be reduced to zero. In July 2008, Finland became the first country in the EU to legislate on Alcolocks. This is a locking device which effectively immobilises the car, if the […]