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Buyer Beware – The importance of obtaining a structural survey when purchasing a second hand property

When buying a second hand property it is important to remember that the principle of Caveat Emptor applies. Caveat Emptor is the Latin for ‘let the buyer beware’. The basic premise is that the Purchaser buys at his or her own risk and should fully satisfy themselves as to the […]

Equality Between Parents

The referendum on same sex marriages received enormous media attention with the electorate coming out in force to cast their votes in an overwhelming victory for the yes campaign. Ireland stood tall and Ireland stood proud on Saturday 23rd of May. As a Family Law solicitor, I need to think […]


One of the first questions a client will ask me when they engage me to buy or sell a property for them is ‘how long will it take?’ The truth is that you can never predict how long it will take to close a purchase or sale but there are […]

Consistent set of national guidelines is needed for the use of Oxytocin in labour

The State Claims Agency, who manages claims of medical negligence against the HSE, recently completed an evaluation of the guidance for the use of Oxytocin (trade name Syntocinon) in maternity services in Ireland. Syntocinon is routinely used in Irish maternity units to synthetically start or speed up labour. However, there […]

PRTB fines Landlords for non-registration of properties

Two recent cases have highlighted the importance of the registration of tenancies by landlords. If landlords do not comply with the rules relating to the registration of their properties, this can lead to fines being handed down by the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB). The PRTB was set up under […]