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Immigration in Ireland: Annual Review 2015

The Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald, recently published the annual review of Ireland’s immigration related activity for the year 2015In the report, the minister included immigration statistics as well as achievements in the area of immigration form the previous year and the Department’s priorities for 2016. In the […]

Social Welfare and the Habitual Residence Condition

Recently, we have had a number of queries regarding the Habitual Residence Condition (HRC) that is required to be satisfied to receive social welfare in the State. “Habitual Residence” is a vague term and is not explicitly defined in the legislation. Essentially, social welfare applicants are required to prove that […]

Recognition of Divorces in Ireland

Many of our clients seek advice regarding the legality of divorces acquired outside of Ireland.  The legality of foreign divorces can often be quite a complicated point of law. In some cases, a declaration to confirm the validity of the divorce is required. This must be sought through the family […]

What does Brexit mean for the current rights of UK citizens?

Following on from Friday’s referendum result where the UK voted to exit the European Union our office have been receiving queries from our UK citizen clients in relation to how this result will impact their free movement rights, and that of their family members, pursuant to EU Directive 38/2004/EC and […]

Current Delays in the Processing of Visas

CURRENT DELAYS IN THE PROCESSING OF VISAS FOR QUALIFYING FAMILY MEMBERS UNDER DIRECTIVE 2004/38/EC AND THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES (FREE MOVEMENT OF PERSONS) REGULATIONS 2015 Our office has received a number of queries from EU Citizens relating to delays in the processing of visas for their qualifying family members, including children, […]