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Migrant Workers in the Recession

IRISH JOBS FOR IRISH PEOPLE A number of months ago I very briefly skimmed though one of Ian O’Doherty’s articles in the Irish Times wherein he mocked Gerry Adams, ‘the foreigner,’ coming down here and taking a seat in the Dail at a time when we are trying to keep […]

Caselaw Update: M.S.S. v Belgium and Greece (February 2011)

CASELAW UPDATE The Europstat asylum statistics release coincides with a very significant decision of the European Court of Human Rights of the 21st January 2011 which could now have an embarrassing impact on Ireland, in light of our very low recognition rates for asylum applications. The case, M.S.S. v Belgium […]

Refugee Recognition Rates in Ireland (February 2011)

ASYLUM RATES OF ACCEPTANCE SHOCKINGLY LOW You might have read the Irish Times article of the 21st January last which revealed that Eurostat has confirmed that the Irish Government has refused 99% of all asylum applicants in this State at first instance in the third quarter of 2010. Which means […]

Meeting of the Refugee and Immigration Practitioners Network (January 2011)

In our weekly update, the immigration team shared details of the recent Refugee and Immigraton Practitioners Network meeting. A number of interesting and relevant topics were discussed.   REFUGEE AND IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONERS NETWORK  The Irish Refugee Council and the Immigrant Council of Ireland together set up the Refugee and Immigration Practitioners […]

Reckonable Residency – Practical Problems (January 2011)

Our immigration team recently looked at some of the problems our cases are coming up against with establishing the required period of reckonable residency.  RECKONABLE RESIDENCY – PRACTICAL PROBLEMS  Many of our clients have been residing in the State for over five years under Stamp 4 conditions or under work […]