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Equality for Fathers?

In the long running struggle for equality for fathers, Ireland is finally recognising that fathers actually do play a substantial part in bringing up their children. Previously the position was that only mothers were entitled to statutory maternity leave but under the new Family Leave Bill, which is currently discussed […]

Insurance Fraud

Normally when you see headings like “insurance fraud”, you think of unscrupulous plaintiffs claiming they have been in a road traffic accident when they have not. Or you think of people who have been involved in an accident and then grossly exaggerating their claims. You don’t often think of insurance […]

How to Re-Open Divorce Proceedings

Over the years I have been involved in many cases where my client, usually the wife, believes that her husband has far greater assets than he says he has. However, it can often be impossible to prove that the husband has these assets offshore or if he has transferred them […]

Redundancy – Why You Lose Even if You Win

My client worked for a multinational company. My interpretation of events is that the multinational decided to employ an independent contractor to do my client’s job because in doing so they would save a substantial sum each year. They therefore made my client redundant. My client sued because he wanted […]

Parental Alienation

In parental alienation cases we are coming up against two arguments. One side says that the children are being deliberately alienated by the other spouse and the other spouse is saying that the children became particularly attached to them following the separation and they are not deliberately trying to alienate […]