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Employment Law – Am I Entitled to a Reference?

The short answer is no, you are not. Having said that, you may be entitled to argue that references are normal in your particular industry and that you were led to believe that you would be provided with a reference. The next problem however is that there is no obligation […]

Volkswagen – Can I Claim?

The recent extraordinary admission by Volkswagen that they had created and installed software, the specific aim of which was to cheat emissions tests will result in a substantial number of legal actions. If you have any of the following VW cars manufactured between 2009 and 2015 – Jetta, Beetle or […]

Unmarried Couples – Property Rights

What happens when an unmarried couple, who have been living together; perhaps for many years, separate? What property rights does each individual have? Let’s take an example of a couple who have just split up and who have three children under the age of ten years old and the house […]

Internet and Defamation

One of the major problems people have when they are defamed is the fact that the defamation in very many cases ends up on the internet. If a person is defamed in a national newspaper then almost certainly there will be a digital version of that article on the internet. […]

Resolving Access and Custody Problems – The Role of Prison

The Children & Family Relationships Act of 2015 has been passed and its provision will come into effect very shortly. Under this Act, a spouse or civil partner or a co-habitant of not less than three years duration can apply for custody where they have shared parenting of a child […]